Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eye Candy #5

The following images are of the left hand border of Kim's own Flower Garden Quilt.
The lowest flower is especially gorgeous emerging from a pot "fussy cut" to perfection!
All of the fabrics across the quilt display a similar intensity of colour giving an even ness to the vibrancy. I suspect this happens when fabrics are chosen from the one designer only.

A piece of Kim "trivia"...Whilst we attendees to the Feb workshop in Sydney were informed that we already had to be proficient at Applique (as Kim wouldn't be running a "teaching" session), she never the less sat down and demonstrated a few needle turn seams for our benefit. Well, her sewing began to mess-with-my-mind.....I wasn't behind her shoulder but opposite her and my eye just couldn't follow her needle at all....THEN I realised Kim is left handed and SEWS left handed. I have an embroiderer friend who is a leftie but 1960's Aussie sewing teachers ( Remember those Grade 4-7 Friday afternoon Craft Activities?) forced her to sew right handed. Hopefully this practice has stopped!


  1. Where can I get a copy of the quilt pattern? I simply love the wondrous colors and shapes.

  2. Hi Marilyn. Which country are you in?...I can give you Australian suppliers and USA. Kim might be able to add other information when she reads this. It really is an eye catching design and you will love to create it.

  3. SPECTACULAR! All the flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for the fantastic eye candy.
    Happy Stitching,