Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eye Candy #6

These images are of Kim's right hand border of Flower Garden. At the workshop this quilt was hanging next to her Lollypops quilt...another Glorious Applique, coloured with riotous Kaffe fabrics.
More Kim Trivia: she "loads" her needle up with several stitches before pulling through, and sews at a very fast pace whilst needle turning along the easy curvy edges. The stitches are extremely tiny from this maestro.


  1. Salley these photo's are providing a constant source of inspiration , I am interested in the "loading the needle" method Kim uses with her needle turn. I can load it while i am basting and use a rocking motion with my left hand, but the needle-turn takes much more concentration. I may give it a try though. Do you know of there is a video tutorial ... I'll google

  2. Hi Sheila...Sorry that was a bit ambiguous.
    Kim takes a stitch down into background and up through applique patch and pulls needle out completely but pulls thread through only a tiny way....

    then she takes next stitch down and up and pulls needle and thread out..again only a tiny way


    THEN (on 3rd or 4th stitch) pulls the whole thread length through ...all the way...... and gives a tug and tightens it all at once.

    Hope this is much clearer! It prevents the thread from getting too furry from constantly being pulled through with each stitch. Its a technique I am yet to master!
    Good luck.