Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another bloom

I was determined to finish this block last night so I burnt the midnight oil finishing this one.  I'm going to have to save up for a better light, it would make it so much easier on my eyes :)

I had a lot of fun selecting the fabrics for this flower, some of them jump out at you and say "pick me" whereas other fabrics just sit quietly in the background until you notice them. 


  1. A very beautiful flower Pip!! Love your fabrics and the fussy cutted pieces.

  2. I hear music coming from this block...makes me want to dance with this vibrant lady! 12 varying fabrics? It must have been fun choosing them. I adore the purple splash.

  3. wow, your new strategy must be working,very quick. This is really lovely. I love how you have placed the fabrics making the best of each design.

  4. Most definitely....a good daylight lamp is essential for working at night. Maybe they costalota,but cheap, in comparison to saving our eyes for many more projects.
    Ive had to put my Lollypops aside for a few weeks to make a pieced quilt for a wedding gift,but continue to read and enjoy all of the Glorious Applique sites.These inspired me to commence my Kim Mc Lean quilt.I love your strong colours Pip.