Saturday, September 10, 2011

Memory Garden #1

I have decided to make all of the Flower Garden blocks with a dedication to a different female relative. This was my first block and the needle turn is messy. Using Kona Solids with their looser thread count is quite hazardous if aiming for perfection.
The background has little white stars printed haphazardly across the surface. Fortunately it doesn't matter which way the block is cut with this fabric. However when I was buying the required amount, another quilter was there....she had raced back for more of her chosen fabric for the Flower Garden had little anchors, all going in the same direction. The cutting placement for blocks in the pattern packet does not account for directional prints. Fortunately she was able to purchase extra, having noticed this in time.
Much later I will add embroidered detail, either to each block or the back of the quilt, regarding those special women in my family.

After a few blocks, my needle turn skills had improved thankgoodness, and I began to enjoy seeing the concept come alive. I couldn't wait to get to a new flower and choose the colours!
Sorry about the photo of blocks strewn on the floor.

Once I had laid a few blocks out, I decided to embroider a block with Perle No.8 threads to add some detail. I wasnt sure whether it was all looking too plain and attempted half of a block.
After much contemplation, I think that the stitching detracts from the applique shapes.

Any advice on whether I should unpick the embroidery or continue the embellishment?


  1. I like the embroidery Salley, in fact I had thoughts of making a second Flower Garden quilt using plain colours and then embellishing each block with different embroidery.

  2. The embroidery looks lovely and its a great idea using solid fabrics.

  3. Salley i have been waiting to see these. Fabulous work. I quite like the bloom's in the Kona solid's. well done for persevering with the coarser fabric, can't have been easy.
    Whilst i like your embroidery and think it makes the block look Folk Artsy, I think the blocks only look like they need something until they are sashed. Have you planned that yet? I have been thinking ahead about quilting (even a bit of Trapunto) on the flowers and think that may add a bit of dimension

  4. I think they look lovely both ways, and you should choose which look you are liking. Another thing to consider is the quilting later will add to the block--and could be done in colored thread should you feel they are needing something then too. The solids are really pretty--I would never have thought of using them but they look great!

  5. I really feel it adds to the applique and looks wonderful.

  6. Thankyou for all of these lovely comments...cant "reply" to you individually Elaine but I really appreciate the input. It doesnt matter how long I have been quilting...I still dont know all the answers and a considered comment is very valuable. thanks!

  7. Salley, your Kona solids have been used masterfully to grow an amazing garden!!! I too happen to like the blocks plain and un-embellished without the embroidery stitches. Perhaps the quilting will add to the detail and interest, but in a more subtle way.