Friday, September 30, 2011

Memory Garden #2

YIPPEE! It has taken weeks but I have finally cut out all the million and one fiddly shapes for the 4 borders. Just the templates, mind you, now I have to do the fabric selection and cut them out all over again.

I dont use freezer paper to make my templates. Instead I buy Marbig Quick Laminate Self Adhesive sheets (packs of 5 A4) from here. The ever helpful Kathy passed on this excellent tip.
The templates are then permanent which is wonderful if you want to make Flower Garden #2!

The sheets cut like butter, remain stable and flat in the hand, which is great whilst wielding the scissors around all the tricky curves. Once the template is placed on the fabric, it is thick enough to draw around and the paper side (face down) clings to the is not slippery. It is like cartridge paper: a nice surface on which to draw and, the sheets are transparent enough for use with a window or lightbox.

This is one of my early blocks. I was happy with the needle turn, however, notice the shadowing adjacent to the reverse applique due to strength of contrast of infill shapes, and despite careful trimming back of those seams before needle turning the whole flower down. Not so happy.

Cant seem to snap the colour correctly. Background is dead white and solids are much brighter than this shows.


  1. Well done Salley! Brilliant idea using the stick on plastic. I use a craft knife to cut the freezer paper, it's a lot faster than using a scissor. Kim

  2. Lovely block Salley, looks as if the flower is smiling. I'm thinking about the borders now, only thinking mind :)

  3. great preparation Salley, I have just watched the Video that came with this months Quilters Companion. It has
    Sarah Fielke demonstrating her method of hand applique. She uses the same laminating sheets as templates. I think it looks great, she marks her fabric with a acid free silver gel pen

    I don't think the shadow in your lovely block is too much to worry about. Have you laid in onto some batting to see if it still shows?

  4. Gorgeous blocks. Thanks for the tip.