Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spring has Sprung and my garden grows

These blocks are so much fun . I spend quite some time going through my fabrics looking for shapes that reflect the design,
In the first photo above i was so pleased when i found Kaffe's Dahlia exactly mirrored Kim's oval bloom.... co-incidence or deliberate, i felt as if i had just solved a secret puzzle. The little circle is not quite the shape in the pattern, but this lozenge seemed just right for the spot. Because it was all looking a bit "matchy matchy" i used the yellow fans.
With the placement of the fabric in the lower picture i found using a light box very useful as i wanted to use the red tulip fabric as the t calyx or sepals of the flower and to have it cup the spotty petals.
I have now made a big roll of sashing and think doing it this way ensures each sashing strip is random. Its amazing how they complete the blocks, can't wait to start joining them together.


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  2. Wow! The lower flower looks quite 3 dimensional due to the careful fussy cutting. Extremely clever Sheila. You are obviously having fun with the Flower Garden. I am drawn to the upper flower.... It has a different personality. Both are beautiful.

  3. They're lovely Sheila, even though I've seen them in real life, they still look just as gorgeous on the computer screen. It does seem to take some time to choose fabrics for these flowers, but it's well worth it.