Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weather turned foul but the Flowers continue to Bloom

These look fairly similar in shape but are different in size. They both took a while to do with the wavy top and the inset segments. I had a real sense of achievement on completing them.
I used a single piece of the Rainbow Lily fabric i mentioned in a previous post and basted across the whole area that included the inset segments. i then back-basted the main fabric and needleturn appliqued the piece in place. I decided to leave the basting for the inset fabric insitu. It can't be seen and it will prevent any rolling of the underlayed fabric during use of the quilt.

Back to the "Gardening" ......


  1. Sheila, your reverse applique is terrific! Those bright spots of gold peeking out are quite clever and eye catching. : ) I also REALLY like your background fabric, may I ask who it is by?

  2. thank you Pam, for your kind comments. The background is "Negative Spots" . from Spotlight. I think it is similar to kaffes grey dot but not as dark. I love how it allows the blooms to stand out

  3. Beautiful Sheila, better this sort of gardening than the outside sort, you don't get your hands dirty :)

  4. Love that yellow peeping out Sheila. Wish all our (dirt) gardens were this gorgeous! where we could wave a magic wand and produce pattern pattern everywhere!