Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Six down, quite a few to go

This block seemed to take me an age to finish off, a couple of weeks ago there was just the spotted leaf and the stem to applique and for some reason I came to a halt.  I have been busy making sashing, by my calculations I think I need 33m or so of sashing, I did lay some of the sashing round the blocks to see the effect but I forgot to take photos :(


  1. I understand the "coming to a halt" phase so well. It doesn't mean the brain isn't brewing however! All your blocks seem to have their own individual characters due to your obvious diverse selection of fabrics. This (very lovely) one is a showoff!

  2. whats the saying "slowly, slowly catchy monkey" you are making great progress on this quilt, (and many other projects) If everyone could see how really fine your stitches are they would be truly amazed. A gorgeous block