Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've finished another block, I had finished one leaf on this block and came to a crashing halt, (being side-tracked with other projects didn't help either) but I knuckled down over the last few days and got it done. I auditioned various fabrics for the calyx, but they all looked wrong until I tried some of the leaf fabric and then it came alive, so to speak, the addition of the sashing just completed it.

Once the sashing was on I was able to put together all the blocks in one row, it's quite long now and hard to photograph easily.  Seeing it like this has given me a bit more incentive to keep going and get another row done.


  1. Another gorgeous block Pip. That leaf fabric alludes to terrific texture. These gals all in a row are alive and dancin' to some happy tune.

  2. What a great looking row! Don't you just love that funny "leaf" fabric? Whatever you use it for, it always looks great. Thanks for posting your pics!

  3. Love the stripey fabric! Kim McL

  4. Hello, you who ask me what that fabric of Block A-6. I guess you mean the dark fabric. It is a cotton fabric and printing is tone on tone. It's the same white or beige cloth with stamped design or a very similar tone. It is a piece of fabric that I bought here in my country, Chile.
    I love the applications that you are doing in this quilt. Beautiful fabrics. It has a similar style to the applications it Sue Spargo.
    A hug,
    Member of Janiac Blog

  5. Fabulous, so bright and happy!!!

  6. Es maravilloso, espectacular!!!!!!