Wednesday, November 23, 2011

two I'd almost forgotten

I was looking through my blocks and realised i hadn't posted these two blocks that were finished a while ago.
I had been anxious about doing the first one as i was unsure how to end the bias fronds. I found if i allowed about 3/8 inch to turn under at the tips and interlocked them with the opposite frond at the stem they looked OK. I did use fabric glue to hold them in-place while i stitched. It made the stems quite stiff in placesbut it came out completely, once finished, after a long soak.
I couldn't resist using the "target" fabric for the second block as the design was the perfect size for the pattern,
I still have two blocks to post, one is completed and the other partially done,but i began joining all the blocks together in strips, but i will leave that picture for later.


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  2. They are looking wonderful! I especially love the leaves of the first and the flower of the second block!

  3. Yes, That first block is a bit fiddly but yours is perfect! Love the pinky mauvey shades and the fact that all the fronds are the same fabric. And the Bulls eye flower is stunning.

  4. Both are stunning blocks, the bulls eye effect is just lovely. I am constantly amazed by the different fabrics everyone uses on these blocks to make them their own.

  5. Wow Sheila, that target fabric sure does the job!! Kim McL