Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bottom Border

I had hoped to have another block finished today but sadly it was not to be.  The borders on this quilt are quite large and I've already started on the bottom one, I shall do the large bits first and then add in the smaller circles, birds etc.  The fountain base (a glimpse of it can be seen to the right) is already attached and now I've started on the coral tree.

Doing the applique on this coral tree is mind boggling, (to me at least)  I've decided to do a little bit on it each day or night, as I know if I leave it till later then I will just keep putting it off.  The photo below shows part of the coral tree outline, so you can get an idea of the work involved.


  1. It looks like KILOMETRES of sewing Pip. Love the fabric and it looks very carefully basted which is already heaps of work. Good luck ..with the enthusiasm levels!

  2. Thank you for showing your technique.