Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Late bloomer

The latest flower to bloom in my Flower Garden, I had been avoiding this block because of the leaves, but Sheila assured me that they weren't too difficult, and I agree, although they took a little while as they are stop and start stitching.

The block below is one I made before Christmas but I forgot to post a photo of it.  I have also started the bottom border, I'm planning on getting the larger pieces stitched down  (four trees and a fountain if I recall correctly) and then I will be able to sort through all my scraps to see what will be suitable for the smaller circles, birds. animals and flowers.


  1. yay you did it, and did it beautifully. I love the fabric in your "frondy" leaf and The blooms are fabulous, can't wait to check out your border progress

  2. Gorgeous Pip! I think you've done a marvellous job with those 1/4" bias stem leaves!! Kim McL

  3. Thanks Sheila and Kim, the bias is fiddly but a little bit of glue helps :)