Saturday, July 7, 2012

Too cold to garden outdoors

It might be too cold to garden outdoors, but i have managed to make good progress on my "Flower Garden" indoors.
The left side border is compete in record time, less than a month.
This one had me hooked from the very start and i couldn't wait to get each element chosen and "planted" in place.
I began using the same fabrics as Kim, as i had them in the stash, but it didn't take long before i just pulled what seemed to work 

It was so much fun choosing each fabric and making sure the colour balance was right as the trailing vines grew from the planter. I especially like the use of the Ombre fabric in the "rose " in the last picture.


  1. I have already begun to baste the right border, so hopefully it won't be long before i have a complet top.:-))

  2. Good on you Sheila!...I love it. Last night I finished the last (16th) block of Lollipops,and have previously made he sashing. Now to assembly . Question ...has anybody finished this quilt by quilting the blocks first,and then assembling. This will be such a big quilt when finished,that I thought this would be easier than trying to push it all through my sewing machine as a whole.
    Any comments please!

  3. Once the sun was high in the sky it wasn't too bad outside, but I didn't do any gardening.

    That border is really stunning Sheila, I'm just itching to get back to mine now and can't wait to see the rhs border.

  4. Oops I hadn't finished, to answer Yvonne's comment about quilting the blocks first and then assembling: I haven't tried doing that but I am planning on doing that with the Flower Garden quilt I am making, I was going to put 6 blocks together, do the quilting and then join to the other 6 blocks, I would use sashing on the back of the quilt also. I haven't thought about how to do the borders yet but I'm sure it will come to me.

  5. Wow...another gorgeous finish Sheila! I love your fabric choices for each of your pieces too - they are all wonderful!

  6. Sheila....WOW! Cant believe that only took a month. I love that first flower up from the pot; and the pot itself is great. You'll be quilting in no time. Clever gal.