Friday, September 28, 2012

Sssh quilting underway ....

I was lucky enough to get some photos of Sheila's Flower Garden quilt yesterday.  It is such a large quilt that it is quite difficult to find somewhere to display it, we resorted to using my undercover clothes line to hang it from.

It was a very bright day yesterday so the colour is a bit washed out, the quilt looks quite different in real life, much more vibrant.

In this photo you can see the shadows from the echo quilting that Sheila has done around the flowers, it is quite effective and really makes the blocks pop.  It is a major undertaking doing all the quilting on a quilt this size, there is so much fabric and batting to move around, I'm thinking that I have made a good choice by deciding to quilt my Flower Garden in blocks.


  1. Sheila Sheila Sheila!!! This is SO magnificent . . I am quite in awe of your marvellous quilt .. and a teensy bit envious of your skills. Cant wait to see more . .and Pip . . . great photography . . it does show the shadowing of the quilt lines really well. You are both clever!

  2. Oh Salley thank you for your ongoing lovely commentary, and thank you Pip for posting the pics. It certainly is a mammoth task doing this on my Bernina. I had to ditch the Stitch regulator as it was causing tension issues and i couldn't see around it . I sat to the machine (after ditch stitching everything) to echo just once around each element.. the quilt demanded more and a vaguely topographical pattern emerged with subsequent rounds of echo quilting. Still many hours work to go . I do hope the finished quilt will honor both Kims design and Kaffe's fabrics.

  3. Sheila - your quilt is so amazing!
    The quilting is beautiful - hard to believe you were able to do this on your Bernina! Awesome!

  4. Sheila - I LOVE IT. The quilting is fabulous as well. Good luck with the Show!