Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two more blocks completed

I had hoped to complete all the blocks before the end of 2012, but it didn't eventuate.  I'm hoping to make the last three blocks by the end of February, then it will be time to start work on the bottom border again, the coral tree is partially done, the fountain is complete and I think one other tree as well.

There are some new Kaffe fabrics out so of course I have bought some to use in my quilt, despite my best efforts I still end up buying fabrics in the blue and purple colourways, must try harder to purchase other colours.  (or perhaps must try harder not to buy fabric)


  1. i never tire of looking at your perfectly neat needleturn. The words "My Blue Heaven" jumped to mind, was there a song way back ? I guess you gotta go with what you love, and NO you should NOT stop buying fabric... think of all those shops that would go out of business :-)

  2. Beautiful applique' blocks Pip!
    Congratulations on 2 more finishes.

  3. Your applique always looks so perk-y and perfect-y. Well done on nearly finishing the centre. Love your blues.

  4. YOUR creations are very beautiful. I WILL BE back with love.

  5. Gorgeous blocks Pip, I love the blues, K

    1. Thanks Kim, blue is my favourite colour, I can't seem to keep away from it :)