Friday, March 8, 2013


slowly getting there, two trees completed, and now I'm adding all the various components to them, it is quite fun selecting all the different fabrics although some days it does seem to take a long time to find just the right piece.

 During my blog watching today I saw this Flower Garden quilt on Stephanie Newman's blog A Quiltmaker's Quarters (you need to scroll down a bit) The quilt won Champion entry at the Dalgety Agricultural show.  The quilt looks quite lovely, and it is interesting to see that Holly has personalised the quilt in her own way. I also found this quilting detail picture of the same Flower Garden quilt on Facebook.  (I'm not sure if this link will work for non-FB users)


  1. Wow... that link makes the FG look like deep sea swirly seaweeds all floating around! I feel a bit sick at all that clever quilting loveliness....and Stephanie's ribbons... and your lovely border trees. Love your 2 birdies! Great visual post thanks Pip.

  2. love the quilting on the FG, thats the look i was going for , but it just did not work on the spotty background. the heart over the fountain was a clever substitute for the tiny water drops on the original.
    Nice job on the birds.. there are a few more circles to do yet , you will be busy for a while i think.

  3. Your trees look very beautiful! Wonderful fabric choices and detail work.

  4. Looks like a Christmas tree doesn't it! K

    1. Hi Kim, yes, a bit Christmassy, glad that one is done.