Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One down, three to go

I finished the bottom border a week or so ago, it seemed to take me an age to finish it off, all those circles ...

it is also a lot more difficult to take a photo of the border as it is quite long and barely fits in the camera frame..

 I think there are over 70 circles in the bottom border, I thought I had made plenty but some were a tad small, so it was more slaving over the ironing board making circles, all in a good cause though as I should be able to use some of them in the top border.


  1. I imagine it takes so long because you do such beautiful work, Pip. The birds, the cat & the circles look incredible.

  2. love all the circles on a quilt but yes they are tedious at times to make especially the small ones - I know-- I have a lot on the next quilt I am hand quilting