Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sarah Evans Applique Quilt

These two blocks are the start of an applique quilt that featured in Annette Gero's book The Fabric of Society, the pattern was designed by Kim McLean. My original intention was to make two quilts - one in reproduction fabrics and the other using Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, but when I finally decided to start, I had second thoughts about making two quilts so I'm making it with KFC fabrics as I have a much larger stash of those fabrics than reproduction fabrics.

I quite liked this Spot fabric that I used for the Tree block but seeing it here the leaves seem to disappear a bit.  The fabric background is actually a pale grey with a brown/rust spot overlaid so I will need to take a bit more care with my fabric selection for the next Tree blocks.

I have a very rough idea for the background colours in this quilt, there are four blocks of the bird and tree blocks, a centre block and a lot of smaller blocks. I will use Spots for the background of the large blocks and a mix of Aboriginal Dots and Spots for the background of the smaller blocks.

But wait there's more - each block has another piece of fabric on top which is then reverse appliqued into an oval shape, kind of like a picture frame, I can already imagine several fabrics that I will use for this part, I'm looking forward to making this quilt.


  1. Pip these are looking fabulous, i am so happy to see you begin this quilt as i know its been on your "want to do " list for some time now

  2. Love how you juxtapose your fabric selections...always brilliant in my book.

  3. Lovely Pip, glad you're doing this quilt in the Kaffe collective, I think it will look better in the brights! K