Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More "Flower Garden" Blooms

I have decided to add sashing to two sides of each block as I finish each one.

It takes quite a while to prepare the sashing, but i am really pleased i am doing it as i go. With one of the blocks i was not sure i had made the right choice with the leaf fabric and almost unpicked it, but once i added the sashing i felt so much better about the block. The sashing gave the pop i felt the block was lacking.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eye Candy #7

Final photos of Kim's own Flower Garden quilt. Firstly the top border with these textural horses, pieced stars and bird life....and even a cat for all cat loving quilters! Note the striking jacaranda-blue binding. Not used anywhere else as blue, but the same print as the stems of all of the Flowers.
Dont forget to click, and then click again on the images to bring up the applique in greater detail.

These are the delightful quirky images from the lower border of Kim's Quilt.
The tiny circles of "water" in the fountain look to be a challenge in themselves!
Sorry about the angle of these photos.

A big thankyou to Kim for letting me post close ups of her gorgeous creation.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eye Candy #6

These images are of Kim's right hand border of Flower Garden. At the workshop this quilt was hanging next to her Lollypops quilt...another Glorious Applique, coloured with riotous Kaffe fabrics.
More Kim Trivia: she "loads" her needle up with several stitches before pulling through, and sews at a very fast pace whilst needle turning along the easy curvy edges. The stitches are extremely tiny from this maestro.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eye Candy #5

The following images are of the left hand border of Kim's own Flower Garden Quilt.
The lowest flower is especially gorgeous emerging from a pot "fussy cut" to perfection!
All of the fabrics across the quilt display a similar intensity of colour giving an even ness to the vibrancy. I suspect this happens when fabrics are chosen from the one designer only.

A piece of Kim "trivia"...Whilst we attendees to the Feb workshop in Sydney were informed that we already had to be proficient at Applique (as Kim wouldn't be running a "teaching" session), she never the less sat down and demonstrated a few needle turn seams for our benefit. Well, her sewing began to mess-with-my-mind.....I wasn't behind her shoulder but opposite her and my eye just couldn't follow her needle at all....THEN I realised Kim is left handed and SEWS left handed. I have an embroiderer friend who is a leftie but 1960's Aussie sewing teachers ( Remember those Grade 4-7 Friday afternoon Craft Activities?) forced her to sew right handed. Hopefully this practice has stopped!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Fourth Bloom

Hello everyone! This is my fourth block for Kim Mc Lean's Flower Garden quilt and i am still loving it. Again i have used Kaffe Fassette fabrics and will continue to use them almost exclusively throughout this quilt. I keep looking at other fabrics with strong design elements, but haven't found any yet that have the same vibrance.
I have played a little more with fussy cut's with this block. Back-basting makes it a little tricky as i need to pin from the back to check the flower fabric is placed correctly. I don't think i want to be fiddling with overlays or freezer paper to complicate the process although I may change my mind as i progress. After all i am a woman and it is my prerogative.
The "perfect circle" templates are fabulous , thank you Pip for telling me about them. Block 5 is well on the way, but i think i may start on the sashing squares soon so i don't have to do a squillion of them right at the end,