Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two steps forward one step back

I was really happy with how this first block turned out. However, I lost concentration while trimming it to size and somehow managed to cut it back to 16inches instead of 18. As I have already finished all the 16 inch blocks it looks like i will have a lovely new cushion sometime soon. It will give me a chance to practice some free motion quilting and see whether i like quilting on the applique.
The second block is to be placed in the lower left corner of the centre section and so can be sashed on all four sides. For this block i used a freezer paper template for the leaves. I painted starch on the seam allowance and pressed it over the template. When it was dry i carefully removed the template and pressed the shape again. It did make placing the leaves a little easier than a previous similar block and i am sure i will use this method again for some of the border shapes.
I have five more blocks, I think, before i can begin the borders.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Six down, quite a few to go

This block seemed to take me an age to finish off, a couple of weeks ago there was just the spotted leaf and the stem to applique and for some reason I came to a halt.  I have been busy making sashing, by my calculations I think I need 33m or so of sashing, I did lay some of the sashing round the blocks to see the effect but I forgot to take photos :(