Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting Close

To the last of the centre blocks , that is. There are now only two more to go.
The first of the blocks above is the one i had to repeat due to my trimming the first one back too far. ( That one is on the way to becoming a gorgeous cushion. ) I love the pink and orange chrysanthemum fabric i have used in both flowers. Like its blue/ green/mauve version used in earlier blocks it has been very useful , due to the size of the flowers. Have to be careful not to use too much and in the same way.
Like Pip i am beginning to think about the borders. I'm not sure i have anything suitable for the water fountain.. might try the rainbow Lily that was so good in the reverse applique's, I don't think i can go too light or it may get lost on my grey spotted background.
'til next time, happy stitching Sheila


  1. Looks great Sheila! There are some gorgeous fabrics in the new Kaffe fabric collection. Have a look at some of them for the fountain. The fabric I used was a really old one! A stripey fabric is always handy for those sort of shapes. Kim McL

  2. Being an Orange-Pink gal myself, THESE blocks tickle my fancy! You are really zooming along, Sheila. Put me to shame! I esp love your top flower with its four fabrics. And the leaf detail is very clever.