Sunday, January 29, 2012

Extending the garden

Two rows completed now, this time I made sure to measure everything properly, to make it easier in future I now have a little chart written out so I know the exact size to trim each block to (including the seam allowance)

This is me selecting fabrics for a block, pile everything on the floor, sit in the empty space and then pick a couple of pieces and go from there, sometimes the fabric selection comes easily, other times I obsess too long over different fabrics and find myself going back to my first selection, perhaps there is a lesson there.

I made the bias for the leaves in the middle block using this tutorial on LuAnn's blog  all up it took me about 20 minutes which included running it through the bias tape maker.  A 12" square of fabric gave me plenty of 1/4" wide bias, and I trimmed off all the bulky seam allowance bits.

Seeing the second row completed has given me the incentive to keep going, I have prepped three more blocks and have even selected a couple of fabrics for the bottom border, as I know Sheila has been making inroads into her bottom border.