Monday, April 30, 2012

Slow Progress

Slow Progress, Its been a while since my last update.

I got a bit sidetracked by Pieced hexagons.  Kim did a replica of Frederica Josephsons quilt for the Annette Gero Book, "Fabric of Society" . There are a couple of versions out and about using similar blocks. i.e "Candied Hexagons" and "This goes with that" and "Sizzling Sixties" to name a few. Anywhooo i got carried away playing with the geometry of the block and came up with more than 20 ways to make hexagon shapes. Add to that the effects created by variety of fabrics and the number is huge. See Pips Blog for her version

But i digress.  I HAVE been slooooowly working away on the bottom border of my flower garden and have finally completed all of the trees. As predicted the coral tree was a challenge. I found by working at it in short bursts it didn't send me round the bend. As Kim commented in my last post, "once you've  done one of those , everything is zippy."

 Looks harmless enough doesn't it? I found by snipping 5 times into each concave curve i could get the full depth and roundness

I need to get a move on i feel myself being seduced my Kims new pattern "Pandemonium"  and i would hate to leave this one mouldering in the UFO pile.