Friday, August 10, 2012

Whoop whoop!

I can't believe it, but i have just finished my Flower Garden  Quilt top.  Not a quilt yet.... that will be another episode.

 This glorious quilt has taken  sewing several hours a night for 13 months, in addition to many, many hours of daytime prepping. I can honestly say i enjoyed every single moment.

Before beginning this quilt i had never done any needleturn applique. With Pip, i did a bit of research and decided on the Back-basted method. It seemed to be the most efficient, economical and forgiving of the methods i looked at. The Kaffe Fasset fabrics were a dream to use as they turned under with ease.
The angst of quilting it will be the next challenge.
Do i need to ditch stitch all the sashing?
Will i quilt an outline around all of the applique?
Do i attempt McTavishing  or just a meander in the blocks.

I am not a very experienced Free motion quilter and would love to send it out to be custom quilted, but a) i don't know a custom quilter and b) i think the cost would be prohibitive. any suggestions would be welcome.

I have pinned it to the curtains in my family room and think i will just enjoy it there for a while.

I would like to thank Kim for her fabulous pattern, Pip, for encouraging me to "give it a go" and the readers and followers of this blog, for all the supportive comments on this journey.  (sorry if that sounds like an Oscars speech)

Now do you think i should allow myself to get the "Pandemonium " pattern?