Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinch Me I must be dreaming

Could this week get any better??

Last Tuesday i received a phone call ( home alone in a power blackout)  The voice on the phone told me i had won a prize in the South Aust Festival of Quilts... she would not, or could not, tell me what it was or for which quilt. ( I had entered both my Flower Garden quilt and my Farmers Wife quilt.

Oh the excitement that built until guild meeting on Thursday evening.
Because i had entered in the  amateur sections i did not have too long to wait to be have it announced that  i had been placed third in the amateur applique category for the Flower Garden quilt. I duly collected my prize and was congratulated by supportive friends, Pip included. I was pretty stoked.

I then settled down to watch and listen to a long list of worthy winners. Then came the "special " awards , Best in show.. runner up, best use of colour etc... and then i heard the name of my quilt called out "Kaffe and Kim and Me", i didn't hear what it was for, ( I think i was chatting to Pip... my bad) but I staggered from my seat to the stage to see that i was to be given a Bernina Sewing Machine ( 215) It was the Bernina Encouragement award.. To say i was shocked would be an understatment. The rest of the evening was a bit of a blur.

When i went to the show on Friday to visit my quilt ( and all the other fabulous works) i found there were 3 gorgeous ribbon rosettes adorning it. The third i didn't know about is is apparently the guild encouragement award. I couldn't wipe the grin from my face all day or for the rest of the weekend. People i had never met were congratulating me and wanting to chat. I also got a fair bit of teasing as some people knew how nervous i was about entering a competition and being judged.

Today i met one of the judges , Julie Adamson from Melbourne, and she was so lovely and generous enough to give me a critique of my quilt.. Some very useful advice for future attempts. she could tell i hadn't cut the sashing pieces individually , whoops! Kim said to but i thought it would be OK to strip piece. The other piece of advice was when ditch stitching around the motifs , not to get too close. Keep it just a few threads away. then the applique "puffs" a little better. I could also have done a little more quilting in some more of the flower sections. some were apparently just a little too "puffy" and with hanging were beginning to sag a little.

And to add to this wonderful week, this evening when i lined up to collect my quilts after the show was dismantled, there was a note for me to see the convener, I was thinking they were going to tell me it had all been a joke and they were keeping the ribbons. But no, she said that my quilt had been selected to go to the Melbourne show next year and i need to arrange a "valuation" before it travels there...  OMG!  lets hope i never get a major award i might just keel over.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breaking news ...

Just arrived home from the SA Quilter's Guild presentation night and I can report that Sheila won 3rd prize for her Flower Garden quilt in the Predominantly Applique category,

and also the Amateur Encouragement Award for her Flower Garden quilt, to say she was gobsmacked is a slight understatement.  Yay Sheila, you go girl.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Four more blocks completed

I fiinished the two blocks I took to New Zealand a while ago,

and also finished off another two blocks.

 they are all trimmed up, ready to be sashed

 except this one below
I will need to make another one as,
 I didn't measure properly when I trimmed it (sob)

ah well, it will make a nice cushion
and give me the opportunity to practise
my free motion quilting as well.