Thursday, January 31, 2013

Two more blocks completed

I had hoped to complete all the blocks before the end of 2012, but it didn't eventuate.  I'm hoping to make the last three blocks by the end of February, then it will be time to start work on the bottom border again, the coral tree is partially done, the fountain is complete and I think one other tree as well.

There are some new Kaffe fabrics out so of course I have bought some to use in my quilt, despite my best efforts I still end up buying fabrics in the blue and purple colourways, must try harder to purchase other colours.  (or perhaps must try harder not to buy fabric)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Inspired by The Frederica Josephson Quilt

I began this around the middle of last year. It was inspired initially by this blog post here

A little while later i saw  The Frederica Josephson Quilt in Annette Gero's book: The Fabric of Society, which i borrowed from my local library after seeing a copy that Pip had also borrowed.  Kim McLean had made a replica of the quilt, and the pattern was in the book.  See Pips version here  

I  drew up a design on hexi graph paper from here and started to play with a set of Marti Michell templates (set H: large hexagons)

I got a little carried away with the geometry of the hexagon blocks  and lost sight of my original plan to build on a large central star, and just played with the shapes. I think i counted over 25 combinations of shapes making up the 3inch hexagons that went into my quilt and found several more once i had called it quits. There was a lot of opportunity for fussy cutting and using directional prints to enhance the block design's.
Although i initially wanted to make this using bright fabrics that would work with my left over Kaffe's, the eventual colour scheme was governed by my impatience to begin.  An existing scrap stash of green, pink and lemon fabrics left from a previous quilt was resurrected. Needles to say I added so much extra fabric that i could probably make another.

I marked the seam allowance and stitched all the blocks and border strips by hand, point to point, using bottom line thread and a tiny running stitch. The borders were attached by machine as i wasn't sure i could stitch a straight line for 60 inches.

I am pretty sure there will be another version of this in my future and i will try and stick closer to Kim's circular medallion version.

Detail of bottom left corner, it is really straight.

I tried several times throughout the day to get a picture without shadows. I think i need to get up earlier. 

                             As usual I am now waiting for inspiration to how to quilt it.