Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top border

I've been working very hard recently, this quilt has to be finished by end of October (and by finished I mean quilted as well)

It has taken me at least twelve hours to do the applique on this part of the top border, not including the preparation of the pieces.  When I started this quilt I tried out a few different applique techniques, I found that I didn't like traditional needleturn and preferred to use the front basting method (as described here) although I hand baste the fabric in place as I find it easier to unpick hand stitching than machine stitching.

Of late though, I have been using turned edge, whole unit hand applique over a semi-soluble fusible (Floriani Stitch and Wash)  and am finding this much kinder on my hands. Regardless of which method I use there is still a lot of preparation involved and I find it easier to spend a day or so choosing fabrics and getting the pieces ready and then a couple of days on the applique, and repeat, sometimes it feels like Groundhog Day :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One down, three to go

I finished the bottom border a week or so ago, it seemed to take me an age to finish it off, all those circles ...

it is also a lot more difficult to take a photo of the border as it is quite long and barely fits in the camera frame..

 I think there are over 70 circles in the bottom border, I thought I had made plenty but some were a tad small, so it was more slaving over the ironing board making circles, all in a good cause though as I should be able to use some of them in the top border.