How to start a blog

I suggest you read this through this page first, then open another tab (or window) on your browser, then you can go back and forth following the instructions :)

There are a couple of links on this page that will take you to the relevant site for creating a Gmail account and creating a blog.

Firstly create a Gmail account here it's quite easy just fill in the gaps, (make sure to take a note of any relevant details e.g. password, user name, secret question etc and keep it in a safe place) for the purpose of this post I have created a Gmail account with the name of  Once you have created your account this should appear on your computer screen:

If you click on Show me my account this screen(below) will appear

The three emails that appear are automatically generated, you can read them or delete them as you choose.

Now that you have a Gmail account you can create a Blog  here  (or alternatively go to

Sign in with your email (in my case and enter your password, then click Sign In 

 The screen below will appear, just fill in the blank spots as I have done, then click Continue 

This screen will appear next, click on Create Your Blog Now 

This will be the next screen to appear,

Enter your blog title and address in the relevant spaces, (I have chosen testing1914 as the blog title and address) then click on Continue,

(Note that once you have chosen your blog address you will not be able to change it, but you are able to change your blog title later on)

This screen should appear next, just click on whichever template you like, (I clicked on the circled template) then click Continue,

this should be the next screen to appear, congratulations, now click on Start Blogging,

The Blogger Dashboard will now appear.

 At this point you will need to send an email to me:  (this is not a link)
requesting an invitation to join the Kim McLean Down Under blog.

You will need to check your Gmail Inbox and hopefully an automated email similar (the words will be the same but the link itself will be different) to the one below will appear (it won't happen immediately, depends on when I check my emails, but should happen within 24 hours)

 Just click on the link in the email, this will activate the invitation, and the screen below should appear, and you will see that there are now two blogs on your Dashboard.

To write a post on either blog all you need to do is click on New Post (that is a subject for another day)

I hope that this is helpful and easy to understand, please tell me if I need to change anything.

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